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With the ever rising of Esports worldwide, it will be difficult to turn a deaf ear to its popularity and rapid expansion. With aims of expanding the Red Sevens brand beyond to just paintball sport, an idea was suggested in the early of 2018 to expand Red Sevens into a "Super Club" model involving all sports types.

With an existing pool of gaming talents in the paintball industry, forming an Esports team under the Red Sevens wing seems inevitable and achievable.

As a community based project, the Red Sevens Esports Team aims to reach out and engage under previlege teenagers by using gaming to direct them through social and community support.

We are looking for budding gamers who are keen to represent Red Sevens and Singapore in local and regional tournaments.

"We are firstly going to engage the Singapore paintball community by forming Esports interest groups. As the desire for training and participation start to get stronger, we will have to recruit talented players into the Esports team if we wish to stay current and competitive. We hope to one day fly the Singapore flag using the Red Sevens brand on the Esports stage just as how we first started with paintball. There is already an existing pool of very committed and dedicated players from the paintball community who we can engage but we are not re-inventing the wheel and simply jumping onto the bandwagon while the stakes and entry are still low" - Ben Seow (Founder of Red Sevens)

For more information about Red Sevens Esports, please visit our Facebook page, Red Sevens Esports.