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  MPOC 2011 Coming to a Close for the Year with the 4th Leg just over on 11-12 June 2011  

Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit 2011 Leg 4 Xtion Cup - 11-12 June 2011

11 & 12 June 2011 - Red Sevens made its way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for its... hmmm... *lost count*... MPOC Leg. This time round, the event is a little special for us and surely for the organizers of MPOC. The homeground of MPOC has undergone a revamp and photos posted before the event showed lush green grass covering the entire field of Xtion Paintball Park in Bukit Jalil. That was of course a welcoming news to all players, us including. Promises of gone are the days of mud "spa" were made and everyone was looking forward to the new Bukit Jalil.

Our favourite hotel was again fully booked. Yes, it had always been our favorite one (not for the luxurious facilities as there was none to boast of) because of 2 basic reasons - proximity to Bukit Jalil and proximity to food!!! Right across the road of the hotel was a al fresco old-style Chinese restaurant, Old Town White Coffee, Secret Recipe and 7-Eleven! But then, it was fully booked. So we went back to the Pearl International Hotel along Jalan Klang Lama which was once the official hotel for World Cup Asia.

While we wanted to make it for the Captain's Briefing, we had a little kid on board the car who left behind something, and, it was not just a harness or tank or mask or jersey. It was the entire gear bag. Thus, the Singapore Round-the-Island Tour started and that took 2 hours which delayed our timings and we hit the peak hour drive-in at the Causeway Check-Point. Needless to say, we missed the Captain's Briefing. Not too good a sign to start off a tournament. Some of the guys reached the hotel only at 1.30am and slept at 3am.

We were up for games in the morning on Saturday (not the first game this time! Phew!). The Qualifying Round went decently well for us as we clinched some wins and also clocked some losses. At the end of the Qualifying Round, we were ranked third on the table and were scheduled to play against the 6th placing team  - The Simpsons - on Sunday morning. In this Quarterfinals, we didn't do quite well as we hoped to have done and Simpsons had a great plan against us too. The win went to Simpsons which got the team a semi-final spot. They went on to clinch the Champion spot. Good for them! Congrats!

There were some upsets in Division 1 and Division 2 which saw some teams left out of the Finals and others making it through. Stanley was in total control of the scoreboard and the whistle. Junaidi was upholding the justice of the game rules with his band of merry men in the field too. Singapore had Ref Acid, Ref Eedy and Ref Shahirah flying the Singapore flag with Junaidi and his team of Malaysian Marshals. We love the referees and appreciate their hard work in the field. Regardless of good calls and bad calls (we were at the receiving ends for both), we would like to thank the referees for their dedication and stand by the referee's calls in the field.

Food and drinks were aplenty during lunch and throughout the day too. The administration was smooth for the weekend with the counters well-managed. While the paint collection point was a bit far-off, we just did our paint purchase early and all in advance. Having just 3 games in between our games, there was no time to even hit the paint counter or the toilet. We are so glad to have Will helping us out in the pit area and handling of the pods. He had only 1 thought on his mind the whole day - "Didn't I just fill those 60 pods? How come they are already empty??". Anyway, Will had his eyes on our pods the whole time. Thanks very much to him! We love you Will!!

A big thank you to Red Sevens sponsors- Dye Paintball , THORB, Furious, Seed, Red Dynasty, Paintballers World - without your support none of this would be possible... Thank you so much!!! 

Words by Jane "ELLE" (Red Sevens)


Red Sevens!!!!!

Red Sevens (Division 2) with Will