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  Red Sevens in Malacca, Malaysia!  

Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit 2011 Leg 2 Chief Minister of Malacca Cup - 5 & 6 March 2011

5 & 6 March 2011 - Red Sevens sent 2 teams, one in Division 2 and the other in Division 3, to MPOC Leg 2 as they had previously done in MPOC Leg 1. In Leg 1, both teams had found the podium with the Division 2 coming in 3rd and Division 3 team coming in 2nd, and both teams were really excited to keep the momentum going and finding another podium finish.

In Division 2, there were a total of 10 teams in a Race to 2 format. Day 1 started at 7am with a total of 6 qualifying games. Red Sevens won 4 out of 6 matches and qualified 4th out of the 10 teams to enter the Quarter Finals. The deciding match in the Quarter Finals was against The Simpsons, which the Red Sevens needed to win in order to progress to the Semi-Finals. Game 1 resulted in the Red Sevens winning the point. Game 2 went to The Simpsons and the final deciding game went to the Red Sevens.
In the Semi-Finals, the Red Sevens met with eventual tournament champions Republic CMX that they lost two straight games in a row. Which left the Red Sevens to face UrbanX for the 3rd/4th placing match. Red Sevens won Game 1 and 2 to secure their second 3rd place podium finish in a row.

The Red Sevens II, who plays in Division 3 in a Race to 1 format, had a rough start to their Leg 2 campaign, losing their first game to the FTM Skeletoonz. However, the team bounced back with back-to-back wins against KSK Flash and Rocknrolla. Kraken handed Red Sevens II their second loss in a closely fought match. Again Red Sevens II bounced back with 4 straight wins against Duckside, Demonz Lucifer X, Street Mobsters and Cat Pattaya. Day 1 ended with Red Sevens II qualifying 3rd for the next round.
Day 2 was a great start to the day as Red Sevens II qualified top of the table as they won all 3 games in the Top 16 Round against Rocknrolla, Zoo Militia and Labuan Fighters. The quarter finals brought a little twist to their fairy tale though as they lost their first 2 games to FTM Skeletoonz and to Labuan Fighters which all but ended their bid to make it into the Semi-Finals. Red Sevens II did not go out without a fight as they played and won their final game against the Grammaton Clerics, winners of Leg 1, and later going on to win Leg 2 as well.

The Red Sevens would like to make a special thank you goes out to X-Fox for helping in the coaching and sharing their strategy. Thanks to all our Division 3 players and the other Division 2 players that were waiting in the staging area for their turn, and end up helping crew for the team.

Red Sevens would also like to thank the MPOC organisers for their excellent organisation of the event.

A big thank you to Red Sevens sponsors- Dye Paintball , THORB, Furious, Seed, Red Dynasty, Paintballers World - without your support none of this would be possible... Thank you so much!!! 

Words by Carl Sahetapy (Red Sevens)

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Red Sevens clinched 3rd in MPOC 2011 Leg 2 in Division 2!
Red Sevens clinched 3rd in MPOC 2011 Leg 2 in Division 2!

Lester walking the snake area very seriously...
Lester walking the snake area very seriously...  

Official apparel for Red Sevens when walking the field
Walking the Field... Carl (captain of Red Sevens Div 3 team) planning his strategy with Mark Tan.. wearing THORB!

THORB Official Sports Apparels for Red Sevens
THORB official sports apparel for Red Sevens! Team waiting to board the bus.

Singaporeans - Contract Killers SG & Red Sevens!!!
Contract Killers SG and Red Sevens in a group shot at Players Area in Malacca MPOC during Captains' Briefing

Team Photo Time!!! THORB sports apparels is top of line!! Great quality great design!!!

 3rd in MPOC Leg 2
Bronze! Red Sevens came in 3rd MPOC Leg 2!


Photographs contributed by Carl Sahetapy's camera and Jane's IPhone4...