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      Join the Red Sevens!!!  

Want to join the Red Sevens? We are looking to increase our team roster so as to allow the team to participate in as many paintball tourneys as we want. So if you are keen to join us, do write to us at info@redsevenspaintball.com

Unsure about your paintball skills? Have never play paintball before? Fear not, the Red Sevens team is here to help. We invite you and your friends to come and tryout paintball with us. You will be taught the basics of paintballing such as snap shooting, breaking out, shooting while on the run, etc.

We can also organize paintball trips to Malaysia for schools and companies. Just email us for more information and pricing.

Join our mailing list and be part of us. We will regularly update you with news about the team, practice trips, tournament reviews, etc.




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