Ask us anything about paintball in Asia and there is nothing that we do not know about. Established since 2006, we have seen anything and everything about Asia paintball. Who needs a history lesson on paintball?

I am new to paintball, can I join?

We love new players more than anything else, new players bring new ideas and vibrancy to the paintball scene. The Red Sevens team comprises of 4 playing divisions, Division 1 to Division 4, there is a place for everyone.

Will there be someone to train me?

Rest assured that we will assign senior players to guide you into the game and point you in the right direction. Often, new players find it hard to sustain the game because they are new to the community. To have someone guide you along, the learning is faster and clearer with a purpose and direction.

How often does the team train?

Depending on competition dates, the training intensify as competition dates draw nearer. We train at Red Dynasty Paintball Park from 10.00 am - 1.00 pm every Sunday.

Do you train on weekdays?

Almost never! Paintball is still very much a weekend sports so we do not take up your time on weekdays.

When can I represent Red Sevens?

Depending on your learning desire, all players will need to attain a certain level of skill sets before competing. While we can throw you into the sea and start you right away, we would prefer that all the basic fundamental skills of paintball are learnt before putting you on competition ground. Players who are dedicated and committed to the sport will be asked to play at higher division when the opportunity arises.

I do not have my own paintball equipment, can I still join?

Of course you can but having your personal paintball equipment such as a paintball marker, paintball mask, paintball pack, etc are essential equipment needed for the game. You are advised to have your own gears so as to focus on just the training with us.

Okay, I am ready. How do I start?

Contact us and we will send you all the information you would need to get started.