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     Know about bunkers and how to play them. Review by Red Sevens

Yes, call them anything you like so as long as your teammates understand what you mean. Banana!!! Sausage!!! Coke!!! why not make a meal out of it? Yes, its good to be hungry on the field...but hungry in the right way or get your As* kick! The Red Sevens will explore these bunkers and give a general description of how you can play them. 10 SECONDS!...GAME ON...

Dorito, Taco - Or commonly known as T bag in Europe is one of the most common bunker that you will come across. Name according to its shape, the Dorito provides the widest base protection to any player who occupies it. If occupied in stealth, the Dorito offers multiple angle shooting from both top ends. On the other hand, the Dorito is a bunker for sitting ducks who neglects upper body protection. Stay for less than 10 seconds and move on! Not suitable for players who are big in physique.

Coke Can - Vary in sizes, the Coke Can is usually found in the back position where back players occupy at great length while providing strong firepower upfront. In a standing Coke Can, the bunker offers maximum comfort and protection. In its downside, the Coke Can prevents the player from achieving a full view of what is happening directly in front, this is where team communication is of utmost importance. So watch out for the oncoming bunkies! With its curvature shape, it often exposure your untucked arm or feet.

Coke Can can be placed lying horizontally and often known as the Cyclinder.

Tombstone - Usually placed on the 3/4 of the field, this tombstone resembling bunker provides adequate cover below waist level. However, due to its positioning on the field and its curvy high ends, this bunker is one where many players got their death wish. So much for calling it a tombstone. Personally, I never like to bunk into a tombstone. Do you?

Snake - No prize for guessing how this bunker got its name. The Snake is formed by a series of bunkers and placed in a straight order. Often regarded as the toughest bunker to enter, it provides maximum control of the game tempo once your snake player is  given the green light. Agility and speed are important attributes when it comes to occupying this bunker. Player is usually required to move up the Snake by crawling and keeping his head and body low. While in stealth mode, a Snake player is able to execute more hits than anyone in the team. However, extremely vunerable when all eyes are on it.

Temple - One of the most common bunkers in speedball, the temple provides excellent base protection which allows the player to squat, kneel or stand. Angled top ends creates little room for upper body movement. Players who are in this bunker are often hit on the arms. With its excellent base protection, the temple is often misjudged as a "safe" bunker.

Now that we have covered all 5 of the most common bunkers in speedball, we hope that this article can help you to better adjust and position yourself while bunking in. However, no good theoretical advice can save you from being hit. As Todd Martinez always says "Practice, practice and more practice".

Ben aka KING

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