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Question! What is the most valuable things in life? The 5 C's? Cash, Career, Condominium, Car, Credit Card? Fame and Fortune perhaps...Our team mate ELLE has a different view: "Time and Information" she said. While time is an endless entity that is continuous and ongoing, information compliments time by enhancing learning in the shortest span of time. In this section of the website, the Red Sevens Team would like to share with paintballers alike the nitty gritty about our journey to paintball. Articles are written based on personal views from various members of the team and does not represent statement of the team. Should you need to use these articles for your research or link us to your website, kindly inform us at info@redsevenspaintball.com. Happy Reading!




More tips and trickcoming up... Please email us if you have any specific areas that you would like us to cover.. Email us at info@redsevenspaintball.com / arthur@redsevenspaintball.com.



The Lure - How to resist?

Yes, the lure...greed in this case, one of the sevens deadly sins indeed. In this article, I would like to elaborate on resisting the lure, the temptation and the greed of forsaking your responsibilities on the field. But before doing that, ask yourself...a honest truth it must! What position do you play? Back? Mid? Front? If there is one thing that I have learnt during the Hybrid Clinic, it will be for all players to be versatile and be able to play in all possible positions. Reasons? Simple...you will have to take on roles to attack or...Read on


Speed Ball - Dead end to Tactics? - By ELLE

As a novice in the sport of paintball, I guess I am not the best person to discuss about game tactics. Starting a new sports means that I have a lot to pick up and learn from scratch. As several kind and friendly advance players share their knowledge with me on different occasions, be it during training sessions, over-the-counter chat or before a tournament game, there seems to be this... Read on


Paintball 123. The Singaporean Way...

Recently, I have been receiving emails from many Singaporeans about how they can be involved with the Red Sevens. So I have decided to write about "The know how to paintball with Red Sevens". What it means is basically a 123 guide on how you can be involved with the team.... Read on


Know about bunkers and how to play them - By KING

Yes, call them anything you like so as long as your teammates understand what you mean. Banana!!! Sausage!!! Coke!!! why not make a meal out of it? Yes, its good to be hungry on the field...but hungry in the right way or get your As* kick! The Red Sevens will explore these bunkers and give a general description of how you can play them. 10 SECONDS!...GAME ON...Read on


Choice of my life...Your ideal paintball marker

Call it your baby, your precious, your wife, your lover, or just as simple as your very own paintball marker. Whatever you call it, you are making the big plunge, a well worth one indeed. But one thing for sure, a big hole in the pocket but satisfaction? PRICELESS? Gone are the days of house markers, farewell...Read on