The Red Sevens

Established in 2006, the Red Sevens has been a regional household paintball brand in the Asia region and one of the longest surviving paintball teams in Asia. Red Sevens Paintball Club (Singapore) is the first competitive paintball club in Singapore to participate in paintball events in countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, UAE, Australia and Singapore! In 2014, Red Sevens became the first Singapore based paintball team to play in the PSP World Cup. Red Sevens is also the most winning paintball team in Singapore till this day with more than 100 over players representing the team since formation. Red Sevens currently plays in the Division 1 category (highest category) in Asia and represents Singapore paintball when competing in overseas tournaments. Since establishment, the team has represented all major paintball brands such as Dye, Planet Eclipse, Virtue, GI Sportz and currently HK Army in Asia.

The Beginning...

“I am forming a paintball team, are you interested in joining my team...?” A simple question which mooted the seed in the transformation of the entire paintball scene in Singapore and probably Asia. The year was 2006, a paintball team building session was organized at Crossfire Paintball located in Singapore Discovery Centre (a paintball facility in Singapore) among a group of students and teachers. What was meant to be a fun and exciting shooting activity turned out to be a showdown of betrayal and lies. A group of students decided to gang up against their innocent looking some say handsome teacher at the start of the game by shooting at him point blank. “3...2...1, Game ON...” and all that was left from the irrational chaos, was a trusting person who walked the passage of shame filled with a heavily bruised ego and a strong sense of disloyalty and betrayal. The students laughed as their performed their war dance waving their paintball markers in the air... feeling extremely satisfied that they had one good memory before calling it a day. The word “Revenge” was ringing loudly on the teachers’s mind but he knew that losing his cool was all that it needed to destroy this ever good looking charisma. Quietly and confidently, the ego bruised teacher went home nursing his welts under gushing showers cursing and swearing sliently. The horrific episode of betrayal was replaying over and over in his mind. All he could see were images of his once innocent looking students performing the famous Haka cry gloating and laughing away... Sad but not sorry, he decided to seek help from the Great Divine! No... not the god nor was it anything spiritual, he booted his laptop, clicked on the internet browser and typed: “How can I improve in paintball?”.... and that changed the whole world, well... at least his world. He stumbled upon a website by World Cup Asia 2oo6 which was due to be held in Kuala Lumpur later that week. Scrolling and clicking late into the night were questions pondering “WTF is a paintball world cup?” Don’t blame the man... as all he was taught in officer school was to lead, to excel and to overcome and all he knew about shooting was done in the woods where the lushly greens and camouflage outfit encompasses all that was need to show his killer instincts. speedball? a World Cup? As they say, curiosity kills the cat and his mind began to fill up with war game scenarios which can also be considered a sport? Definitely, these do not make sense at all....

After a long week in school, it was finally time to take a break from work and these pestering thoughts of readdressing his revenge against his students started to cloud his mind again. The teacher who all once thought was logical and rational decided to walk the route of no return. He bought a one way bus ticket and took a 5 hours bus ride to Kuala Lumpur, XtionPaintball Field and well... was he blown away! He witnessed something which he cannot describe, feelings similar to seeing the unexplained... Aliens, the supernatural and simply out of this world, rocket science perhaps. He spent the next 3 days wandering aimlessly around the perimeters of the field simply watching and observing not knowing that he can actually buy a visitor pass to enter the competition grounds. He could not make any sense of the penalties, the points awarded, the elimination differences and these questions to the game made the desire to learn even stronger and even hungrier. He was like a sponge trying his best to absorb all the water he could at one go but one thing was obvious to him, the non-existence of a Singaporean team instead the rest of Asia were being proudly represented. “We will send a Singapore team next year”, he said. That was the promise he made to himself and so he did...

Back in the office the next day, he was eager to let everyone know about competitive paintball. Like a child waiting to unwrap his Christmas present, he turned to his female colleague (Jane Koh, as you might have guessed) sitting behind him and asked her: “I am forming a paintball team, are you interested in joining my team...?” She replied: “Okay lor....” And the rest was history... The Red Sevens was formed.

Meet the Old FARTS

Since the formation of Red Sevens in 2006, there has been a constant lookout for a premise where the players can finally train in home soil without the need to travel to overseas to train and in December 2007, Red Dynasty Paintball Park was established by 2 of Red Sevens founding members. Since then, the team trains in Red Dynasty Paintball Park almost every Sunday for the next 13 years...


Jane "Elle" Koh

Founder of Red Sevens

"To be an established female ambassador of paintball sports in Asia"


Ben "KING" Seow

Founder of Red Sevens

"No one wants to do the bad job so I have to take on the evil role"


Vincent "Sonic" tay

Red Sevens Team Captain

"The best cure for the body is to have a quiet mind"

Join us today!

We are always looking for players who are committed to doing well for competitive paintball. We do not need talented players but we do require a lot of heart to represent the team. We can train you from not knowing anything to becoming a paintball superstar of tomorrow! Our formula is the number of players which have gone through the Red Sevens ranks, that alone speaks volume of our dedication to the sport.