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      The know how to paintball with Red Sevens...  

Recently, I have been receiving emails from many Singaporeans about how they can be involved with the Red Sevens. So I have decided to write about "The know how to paintball with Red Sevens". What it means is basically a 123 guide on how you can be involved with the team. As Red Sevens is a registered tournament team in the Malaysia paintball scene, so we pay a cheaper price as compared to walk ins. By joining us for our training session, you save a bundler of up to 50% on paintballs.

1) Rookie. Learn everything you will need to know about the game of cmpetitive paintball. Don't worry we will guide you, we are all learners.

2) Player. Join the Red Sevens Team and get yourself involved in paintball competitions. At the moment, Red Sevens are participating in the 3 on 3 Wernahol Cup 2007 and the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) 2007. We will need more players to form a player roster.

3) Sponsor. Sponsor the Red Sevens Team in tournaments and we will compliment your sponsorship through various form of advertising medium. Hey! We are the still the one and only paintball team in Singapore. And the very first...surely good enough for some media coverage right?

Here's the plan on our regular weekend practice in KL:

Day 1 (Friday evening)

Depart from Woodlands Causeway, usually after 6 pm.

Larkin Bus Station. Take a 5 hour bus ride to KL.

Bunk in...usually in budget hotels.

Day 2 (Saturday)

Paintball all day and shopping in the evening.

Day 3 (Sunday)

Paintball all morning and depart KL by afternoon.

Purduraya Bus Station. Take a 5 hour return bus ride to Singapore.

Reach Singapore by 11 pm. Can be earlier if we are taking an earlier bus. It all depends...

Of course... the cost... the Red Sevens Team is all about promoting the game of paintball. You will be paying what we are paying, from bus ride to paintball balls.

An estimated expenditure as below:

Bus transportation (2 ways) - RM$60.00

Accommodation (2 nights) - RM$120.00

Meals: On your own

Rental of markers - RM$30.00

Pellets (Dependent) - RM$50.00 per pack of 500 pellets

Total investment - RM$260 (Excluding meals)

Come on Singaporeans, after the exchange rate, its cheaper than what you can get in Singapore...